How bad did I mess up?


So my husband and I were on vacation and yesterday I didn't have time to test (Opk) but it's pretty early in my cycle so didn't think it would matter. We had sex that night for fun, again thinking it was just for fun so we used a little spit for lube and I went to the bathroom pretty much right after. All things I never do when we BD. I even questioned if I should but figured didn't really matter and I want to get cleaned up and get to bed because we had an early flight. Flash forward to tonight and I took an Opk just because and it was positive! We are exhausted from traveling all day so no BD tonight. Going to try tomorrow and hope it's not too late since I don't know if today or yesterday was my first positive.

So my question is, I know spit doesn't play nice with sperm, but is it enough that it negates the whole "session" or do we still have a chance? I'm mostly worried cause I know tomorrow is going to be a long day and there will be a chance we don't tomorrow either.