Annoying mother in law

Hey ladies, idk what to do about my mother in law. Im 26 weeks pregnant and just pure exhausted all the time. My husband and i recently moved to the town his mom lives in and she lives only about 5 minutes away. She calls me everyday and invites herself over and asks me to go places with her but im just too exausted. Ive said no many times but she keeps Pressuring me. She came over yesterday with a runny nose (she just recovered from pneumonia) and brought her dog without asking. My cat is terrified of dogs. I locked my cat in the bedroom and played it off like no big deal but she began to give her dog my cats toys to play with and let her dog eat my cats food and drink out of her water bowl. Her dog also has no sense of boundaries and kept trying to jump on my pregnant belly. I usually love dogs but hers is kind of a bit much for me. She then began telling stories of premature babies and that she had a dream our baby came out early and wouldnt go back in which terrified me as i have a huge fear of losing my son and anxiety and ptsd surrounding previous losses. She knows this. She then proceeded to ask us if when we decided to buy our next house if we would be willing to get a place that has a suite attached so she could live with us. I went silent. Im so nervous she is going to be over even more often after the baby is born. I told my husband my concerns and he said his mom knows boundaries but i dont think she does. What do i do? It would be one thing if it was occurring occasionally but i recieve calls and texts every day and she wants to stop by all the time. Some days i just wanna chill with no bra on and am so tired due to being pregnant. HELP. She is texting me trying to pressure me to go vote with her today but i keep saying no.