Bf pissed at me!

Ever since pandemic I gained so much weight which made me depressed I hate my body how I look my confidence is shot down mainly cuz I stopped going to the gym since it shut down. I’ve been with my man for 1.5 years and so we decided to join gym together but I still don’t know what to do at the gym (my old gym was boot camp so th trainers told you everything and I lost so much weight and loved my body so much) my bf said he can train me he’s never trained anyone before but he’ll give it a shot I was happy and we did go together we’d go 2x a week cuz I’m at school and working and didn’t have that much time BUT now I want to do personal training for one month with the. Best trainer at my old gym just to get me started and get me fit so after the month training I’d go back to the gym and continue training with my man (my old gym is too expensive to join exclusively )…my bf now is pissed at me cuz 1. I want a different professional trainer and 2. I want the best trainer there which is a man in his 40s that’s married and lil chubby but the best trainer there and I know him cuz he was one of the coaches at that gym I used to go to.

Now he’s mad and is having attitude and saying “fine whatever go with the guy you know I’m uncomfortable and you know I feel rejected but whatever go do you” I got mad cuz this is about me it’s about me and my health and mental health. I don’t have time to have my bf practice his training on me and I want quick results by going to personal training…idk what to do I still want the personal trainer with the male trianer am I a monster for still wanting to go to that trainer? (Ps it’s very expensive just for 1 month personal training so it’s important for me to have the best of the best trainer and it shows how serious I am about my health)…if I put his emotions first I’ll resent him and if I choose to do this he’ll resent me …it’s not fair