Old dog


Hello everyone I have a dog that is 13 years old medical problems are starting to really take a hold of my husband has this mindset of hold on to the very last minute and I'm the opposite because I work in a nursing home and watched countless people suffer so that other people can walk around feeling good about themselves with piece of mind despite having any real idea what that person actually goes through on a daily basis

I've got very strong views about not prolonging life if somebody is suffering or if the quality of life is so affected that there's no reversal point

My dog started having breathing problems he's so old that it's hard for him to jump up and down on stuff. He's reached the. Where lack of Mobility has taken over he barely gets up unless he's eating or going outside and he's has senile aggressiveness because he old and I have a 1 year old in my house. I refuse to risk my baby being bitten over an old aggressive dog simply because someone don't want to let go and recognize that this dog is getting old and might need to be put down

I don't know can someone else contribute to this... tell me how you feel

If you put one of your dogs down can you please share with me how you knew it was time to put the dog down