My Fitness Pal friends

Brandy • 29 yr old SAHW. Endo and 1 ovary; DH had a VR. After 4 failed IUIs, currently Pregnant from 1st ICSI IVF cycle!!!
Until I went to the RE and saw plenty of signs about how being overweight can stunt pregnancy efforts, I had no idea weight mattered so long as you were healthy enough to BD
​I have lost 25 pounds to get into a healthy BMI for my height. I couldn't have done it without MFP, calorie logging and exercise. I am obsessed with logging my food everyday. I am in day 205ish of my log in streak. If anyone else is doing weight loss for this journey I would love to have more MFP friends. Even if I don't visit these boards I will log in and see the MFP feed everyday. I found Glow from MFP's supported apps list.
​Let me know if anyone wants to be added there as a friend!