Could it MAYBE be?

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Hi ladies... I think this is going to be a long post...
​Firstly, my hubby works away for 8 weeks and is home for 2 weeks, he is home at the mo from 18 Sep to 2 Oct. AF was due 16 Sep so I was so excited because he would be here over my fertile period, but then AF didn't show up. (The joys of irregular cycles) I was sad, but accepted it and we carried on like normal, we DTD on the 18th Sep and the 23rd Sep, would of been more but our lg landed up in hospital with gastro for a couple days and then on Sep 25th I started spotting, I thought this was my period starting... BUT it's now the 27th and I've hardly had anything just some pink and brown discharge for 2 days. IF I ovulated when we DTD on the 18th (which was CD31) it would put me at 7 DPO when the spotting started... Could this be implantation bleeding? It's basically gone today, just some browny discharge. I tested yesterday (would be 8 DPO) but got a negative ? I'm so confused!!! Am I just getting my hopes up?