Abnormal or strange???????? HELP

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Its been two months now ive been experiencing irregular periods im 20 y.o and trying to concieve my 2nd baby with my bf of nearly 2 years. Before iihad my 1st daughter (may she rest in peace ?). Before iigot pregnant iihad a perfectly fine normal 28 day cycle, after going into premature labour as a result of STAPH iihad to decide whether to terminate my pregnancy (23w 5days) or put my life in the line......

Anyways after iirecovered and my daughter was in nicu fighting for her life my cycles returned to the normal 28days. Then they suddenly started to change 1st they came every 28days then 33days,35days now they're arriving every 41days. Ive been taking folic acid 5mg tabs incase we did concieve (as we were trying months after or daughter passed). My last period was on the 25th of august of this year, my next cycle should be arriving on the 5th of october.... but during this week from the 24th iinoticed a reddish brownish discharge when iiwipe after using the bathroom, then iinoticed iiwas also cramping then lastnight iinoticed it was bright red after iiwiped. I thought my period was starting and decided to use a sanitary napkin, but to my suprise it was clean with only a brown smear. Ive noticed the discharge before on my last cycle but no cramps were experienced. On my last cycle the abnormal discharge lasted 2weeks then my period came which lasted 9 days.

Has anyone experienced this before with irregular periods and will this hinder my chance of being a mom again? Its been nearly 3month with no success... im thinking about getting tested for various things. Awaiting appointment date with doctor.

Thanks for the replies in advance. :)