I need help!

Tracy 🌞🌸 • 5yr old boy 💙 TTC BABY #2❤️

I am having a little issue but before you read the rest of this I am letting you know I am aware of the rules on here. I do not need to be reminded nor have screenshots in the comments of the rules, I simply just have a question. The reason I am saying this is because my post got removed this morning because of it. I am 2 days late I took a test this morning with FMU a clearblue digital because it was the only test I had at 6am it said pregnant. About six hours later I tried with SMU with a FRER and it seems negative I am a bit confused I didn’t drink anything before taking the test it was a six hour hold. I had the digital test for 3 months in my nightstand drawer could it be faulty?