Everybody (thinks they) know better


First time pregnancy, 24+4.

Everybody around me seems to be very involved in this pregnancy and have their say, it's getting a bit frustrating.

Why have I bought things this early. I'm crazy because I got the nursery ready. I won't need this and that for another 6 months. Why are you small. Why weren't you sick. The list goes on.

Now everyone is trying to tell me that because of low lying placenta (which we don't even know whether it moves until 33 weeks) I should just not bother with a birth plan and prepare for a caeserian at 35 weeks. The last thing I want is a caeserian but the birth center I'm at seem to be adamant they only allow births there if I walk in 9cm dilated and ready to have baby (exaggerated, but kinda feels that way).... Is it just me or doctors are serously that more in favour of caeserians? How do you shut people up that seems to know it all around you?

Tl.dr.: everyone gives me 'constructive criticism' I didn't ask for and wants to tell me how to have my baby