Update on naked teen my kids found at the mall

This was my original post

My son is 18 and daughter is 15. My son took the car and was taking my daughter to the mall. They have to drive out of town to the nearest mall. They come back home with some naked as teenager! There's a movie theater in the mall and my daughter takes a blanket with her and he had it wrapped around him. My daughter told me as they were leaving he was completely naked walking up (barely able to walk) to people asking for help and the mall security asked him to leave before they called the police. My daughter got out the car and son followed. They asked if he needed help and he said he didn't know where he was. They asked what happened and he said he doesn't remember so they covered him and drove him here.... I asked where his parents were and he said he doesn't know and doesn't know where he is. I asked what the last think he remembers was and he said being in a car but that was all that came to memory. He's 15 and I got him something to drink and eat and my son gave him some clothes. We called the police and they picked him up from our home to try to help him and said they would keep us updated. Poor kid had bruises and a bloody probably broken nose. I'll keep you guys updated on what I find out.


I got a call from the police station. They wanted me to come up there because the boys father wanted to thank me personally. I got there and I let him know my kids deserve all the thx. The boys memory is still fuzzy but based on what was found in his phone(which was found where he woke up) and other stuff plus things he did remember, he snuck out to go see his friends and girlfriend and then tried to hitch hike on the way back. He's apparently done this before and never gets in a car unless there's more than one person and a women their too so they are looking for multiple people at least one a women. He got in the car with someone. They drove him 4 hours away from his home, beat him and raped him brutally then left him in a ditch. He also had katemine in his system so he was drugged. This father completely broke down crying and hugged my kids and me too. I am honestly so proud of my kids because everyone at the mall was freaked out by him and telling him to get away. They knew he was introuble. Two teenagers stepped in before full grown adults did. The father actually tried to thank my kids by giving them money because it was the least he felt he could do and they turned it down and said they hope he's ok! I hope that poor boy gets lots of help and therapy.