I need to rant this out before bed

Basically this rant is about how my bfs roommate had covid contacts two weeks ago. Didn’t care to tell anyone until after we hangout with her. Continues to have covid positive contacts, is now sick and has now ruined my bf and I’s first year anniversary cuz she was too inconsiderate, careless, and wanted a paycheck even though she lives off her rich parents money. Oh and I’ll be dropped from my school program if I get sick :)

not to mention she gave it to a bunch of ppl and potentially me who almost died from it last time.

My bf and I only see each other on weekends because of distance.

So about two weeks ago (little over) I go down to my bfs where he has two roommates. One of them had her friend visiting from another state. We hung out with them all Friday night and some of Saturday. She then tells us randomly on Saturday that she had multiple close contacts with positive ppl. Took two home tests and were negative. *oh also they invited another one of their friends to hang at the apartment and again she didn’t tell him until the end of the night (my bf and I showed up way after the friend got there so we assumed she was responsible whoops*

1. At home tests are unreliable Oml but she would of needed a pvr by that time. Not a rapid.

2. She decided for everyone what risk she’d put as all in. She never told us before hand for us to make that decision. For most ppl those circumstances are prob fine. For me, it’s not. And she knows that and how covid had and has still been affecting me.

So anyways. this past weekend is the weekend I didn’t go down cuz my bfs work had lots of covids and he wasn’t wanting to risk it. So they all had fun out on their boat and invited friends and stuff. Which I’m glad they had fun. But BUT

I had to ask my bf tonight like how ppl at his work are feeling and how the roommates work was. He then tells me she’s been sick… but did another at home test and was negative

If someone had a bunch of covid positive little kids that she was nannying as well as contact with their parents for the past two+ weeks, now all of a sudden gets sick. Would you not think that’s prob covid? And the at home tests are shit? Like based on how she’s acting and how sick she seems… it’s not just a cold. It’s not really flu season yet. RSV was going around a month + ago so that’s unlikely. ..

She didn’t need to keep contact with the kids or parents. She told me she needed the income. Which she does not because her mom already pays for everything. And thanks to venmo and her telling us this anyway, that’s a fact we have all known for a long time.

So. No first year anniversary. Not seeing my bf for another two weeks minimum. Hopefully won’t get sick or else I’ll be dropped from my program at school I’ve worked so hard at and put a lot of MY OWN money in cuz I don’t have rich parents like her. OH YEAH and I’d probably not make it this time around as I haven’t recovered from my last round with covid almost a year ago.

She made this decision for me. Did she think that far into it? No but that’s the problem. Some ppl don’t think about the consequences besides what would happen to them. And this is just my life. Not my bf or the other roommates and friends and family and mine. I have too many compromised ppl in my life. I’m so mad at her for her being so careless. All she had to do, was tell us before we hung out with her. That’s it. That’s actually it. So simple.

Now this is a rant so yeah I’m fired up rn. Eventually I’ll calm down. Now these are my feelings and the facts so I can’t say I’m being dramatic. My bf is telling me to wait for her to test positive until I start freaking. Which is fair. But what are the odds man.

I’ve never had a bf before so I was so excited about our anniversary too. So it’s so bumming.

I’m just hoping we can still see each other outside social distanced and do something.

And that’s just the least of my worried. I’m more concerned about my school and health rn. I needed this degree to finally get out of my house. Fuck.

Update: our plans to hang outside are canceled because my mom just lost her taste 😂 and he doesn’t want to get sick cuz of stuff happening at work. So it’ll be 3 more weeks til we can hopefully hangout. God damn