Bleeding at 11/12 weeks due to hematoma


So today In the afternoon I had some blood (like the bottom of a bottle amount which made me panic) and luckily my doctors office was able to squeeze me in within the next 2 hours. I had my sonogram and she saw 2 areas of bleeding. I think she said they’re blood clots and said they’re also called hematoma’s. The hematoma just showed up as I had my scan 5 days ago and they didn’t see any hematoma’s. I had sex 3 days ago so I am not sure what caused it. My doctor told me to take 2 baby aspirins at night which I started last week so Idk if that was the cause of it but I’m wondering if anyone else had similar issues? How did your pregnancy turn out?

Thankfully baby is fine but I’m nervous if this will cause a miscarriage. The bleeding is not heavy and slowed down. Pregnancy is stressful 🥺