Staying positive



My husband and I are currently trying for our second. I'm finding the arrival of my period each month much harder then when we were trying for my son! I'm not sure how to explain to him that I almost don't want to get my hopes up?? I have a few friends who have struggled with fertility and I think it's bedded a seed of doubt in my mind that we will only be able to have one - as crazy as that probably sounds!!

I think we are out this month as he's not been feeling well do I think we've missed our 'peak' and I just feel gutted that in a few weeks I know I'll get my period and then it'll be starting all over again! What's even more insane is it's only been 2/3 months!! I think I just know how wonderful it is to find out you're expecting and I'm really hoping it'll happen again for us.

I think I just need to know I'm not mad for feeling this way haha. Maybe if I adopt a sunnier disposition about it, it'll come sooner rather than me being pessimistic 😅