Questioning if I even want a child

Amber • Wife + Dog Momma

Guys, I’m at a loss. I am so tired and I feel like just giving up. I had another loss Sunday. I told myself that I would take a couple days to process and I still am confused. I mentioned Sunday to my husband that I don’t feel as if we have anything missing. As in a child, I do not think there is a hole there where if we had a baby it would make our lives different. It was hard for me to explain to him without upsetting him or even to someone else for that matter! It makes sense in my head I guess. We have talked about what our life would be like if we decided that we just stop and move on, we both agreed it would be a mutual decision. Yes <a href="">IVF</a> is our next step, but honestly I have no motivation to do that. I don’t even want to, I feel that’s what is making me question if I need to tell him I am ready to stop trying and move on.