I'm getting PTO.

I have SAHM friends that use this system and it works.

As SAHMs we don't get days off. Personally, my only time to myself is from 8:30-10 before bed. It's exhausting working 14 hour days and never having a weekend. I do the same amount of work when my husband is home, so all my days are the same.

So we decided I get 2 hours of PTO a week. 2 hours to myself, no kids. I can do whatever I want. Productive or not. It has to be during a time I would typically be caring for them (not during nap time or bedtime) and I have to have it approved a little ahead of time, so it doesn't interfere with other plans.

My husband will also get 2 hours of PTO. Same deal.

It works to help prevent the burn out. Because before, I was SO burned out. Sometimes I just want to clean the bathroom alone. Time to reorganize the pantry. Other times I just binge watch TV and do a puzzle.

Might not work for everyone, but it works for us. ❤️

Edit: Brought it up when I was talking to him calmly about feeling really exhausted and burned out. I suggested we try it, and he said he thought it was a good idea. He said he felt like he should get some too. I said that sounded fair. (But he gets way more than 2 hours to himself a week, so I wasn't concerned about fulfilling this. 😅)