Am I being oversensitive?No

So me and partner have lived together for over 6 months. We have been introducing our kids slowly and this is the first time they have slept over together.

I'm a little upset with a few things.

His kid was kicking off and in the process one of my child's toys got broken. I didn't see if it was intentional or an accident but I heard it break. my partner didn't mention it and put the toy away. My child later said that it was broken and he said 'don't worry I'll glue it' which is all well and good but to me it's not the point. His child should've been made to apologize to mine.

The kids said they were hungry so I put fruit on the table for them to help themselves. There were grapes and plums. It gets to the last two grapes so his child takes one, realises there's only one left so stuffs them both in her mouth then there's 3 plums left. My child takes one, his child takes one and again realises there's one left and takes a bite out of both. My child was upset bit finished the plum, then his kid chucks both her plums in the bin with one bite taken out of each. He didn't address this either. 2 minutes later his kid says she's hungry and I was like 'well you just threw 2 plums in the bin'.

I took my kid out to a club and get back and his kid is strutting around in my kids slippers which pissed me off because his kid only brings two cuddly toys and a tablet (which my child doesnt have) and yet refuses to share these at all yet my child is sharing a bedroom, all her toys and now her slippers. I just think there should be some boundaries as it's a share everything for my kid whilst his kid doesn't have to sacrifice anything.

His kid was being naughty and my child was sat next to his and his kid hit mine in the face. He dealt with it but yet off his kid is going to a birthday party with no real consequences for her actions of the morning.

Last night I said one of them could choose the music and one the story, well his kid wanted to choose both and in the end the 'compromise' was that both girls chose a story and they listened to her music. His kid fell asleep and mine couldn't sleep to her music so we changed it. His kid got out of bed and turned the music off so again the 'compromise' was they had BOtH music's on.

Our children are 4&5.

I'm just feeling a little frustrated and protective that my child is having to make all the sacrifices whilst his doesn't have to sacrifice anything. Although this is all new to me so maybe I'm being over sensitive. I'm also feeling that my partner is stricter with my kid on things he lets slide with his own child which is making me a little resentful.

I'd really appreciate some advice for our teething issues..

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