I guess I'm terrible all around


So to make this short, we don't have central heat. We rent from my husband's grandma and she didn't keep the trailer up and we had to fix the floor and and way we had to do it the vents had to be removed and we can't afford the thousands of dollars it costs to fix them and she won't fix them, but anyways. Our house gets cold. Like super cold sometimes. I sleep in the living room with my son with a heater and my husband sleeps in our bedroom with a heater (don't don't why we don't sleep together it just works), and my son is 13 months old so he walks. As a wife and mother (SAHM) my job is to clean the house and blah blah blah and my son follows after me because if I pin him in one room he cries. So the part of the house I was working on was cold and my husband jumped onto me because my son was crying because he was cold and I told him I couldn't do anything because he would follow me and he told me I needed to hold my child in one room even though that doesn't work obviously and I tried to tell him it was impossible and that I had to clean (I've been depressed the last few days and haven't wanted to do anything) and he was jumping my case about how I needed to stay in one room with my son and I told him I guess I was just a crappy wife and a crappy mom and he said "yep sure are.".

Now I don't want to do anything else today. I feel nervous and depressed. I'm done. I'm a shit person I guess. He was on my case about getting a job last night even though I've applied to 7 places in the last month and he made it seem like we are "poor" and it's my fault but he's the one that chose to make payments on ANOTHER truck that's $1000 .

Sometimes I wish we would have gotten divorced when I left a few months ago. I lived with my parents but still. Not as depressing as this