Too late for Implantation bleeding?

Sheena • 38yrs old, wife, social worker, beautiful 6yr old 👦 via IUI in 2015, TTC #2 since January 2018. Stage 2 Endo. 👼 👼 🌈

I am day 7 post 5 day fresh embryo transfer. I tested yesterday and got a BFN. Cried all day thinking I’m out. Today woke up to some brown spotting. Is day 7 too late for implantation bleeding? It can’t be my period starting I Not sure for several more days plus it should come till I stop my progesterone anyway I thought?

I didn’t take a photo of it lol but it wasn’t a lot, was light brown, not pink or red. I had some mild cramping yesterday.

Please be late implantation bleeding 🤞