Religion. Unsure what I want to follow

So I’ve always believe in god. I believe also our soul goes somewhere else after our bodies die. What I’m unsure if I believe is in what churches say/books/bibles because they all are man made/changed. I don’t go to church but have in the last a few times as a kid I went to Christian churches and a seven day Adventist church if my friends. I never really truly understood them until I googled the differences. My fiancé and I aren’t religious people b it we both believe in god. Any info on Muslim/Islam and Christianity would be helpful. I don’t believe I follow seven day Adventist since I read online they don’t believe the soul goes anywhere after we die. I need to believe that this isn’t all that’s there. I think my fiancé shows some interest in Muslim/Islam religion but I know neither of us know much. I’d like to have our family follow something and have knowledge in it. Something to give us hope. We may just stay as we are and never follow any religion and continue doing our own personal prayers.