major tea: ex thing and new boyf

so over a year and a half ago i was friends with this guy who we’ll call jake. we messed around a few times but never dated or had sex. he ended up being weird and anytime we hung out he’d wanna get physical which got tiring. we was also super horny 24/7 and sent sexual texts allll the time. i turned him down about dating a few times and he’d get mad and unadd me on social media 🤷🏻‍♀️ fast forward i’ve now been with my current boyfriend for a year.

plot twist!!! jake has been dating my boyfriends sister for a little less than me and my boyfriend after knowing i was already in this relationship. now i don’t think he started dating the sister because of me but still weird. i told my boyfriend about the past relationship i had with jake because it felt like i was keeping a secret.

my boyfriend is super cool and chill.

however i’m like irritated that jake is around and doesn’t feel uncomfortable whatsoever. his presence makes me uncomfortable, irritated, upset, anxious, etc. jake also goes away to school so when he comes to visit my boyfriends family gets so excited and says so many times how much they missed him and soo happy he’s there and always saying how great he is …

i already see a therapist for anxiety and have kept her up to date with this situation. i don’t know why i’m the one soo effected and jake doesn’t have a care in the world when i was the one who rejected him..

so like advise anyone?

also anonymous in the off chance anyone from the family sees this