Hi. I haven’t used this app in a while, things have changed a lot for me. I don’t have a period anymore and as far as I know no chance of getting pregnant.

Last couple of years have been a roller coaster. My parents never really accepted me for being a trans man, they were violently bigoted. I remember getting beat when I cut my hair and being terrified to wear pants. Things were definitely hard growing up. They had me in a Christian school up until I was 15, where I was also treated unfairly, and it was really only then that my life started; going to public school. It was awesome, honestly, there was a GSA and so many nice people, and other trans men like me. I never thought I would get here. I’m 23 and my top surgery is in a couple of days, soon enough I’ll be getting bottom surgery and I’m so excited. Testosterone and support has changed my life, support from women on this app has helped, and therapy. Learning I’m worth more than I thought and that I can’t keep going back to my parents thinking they’ll change. Honestly, in Billie eilish’s words, I’m happier than ever!! Thanks for reading this fuckin rant lmao

- those are both after T, 2 years and rockin mfs

-Marshall, he/him, making this anonymous because I’m a lil scared lol