Do y’all think it’s a big deal to turn 30?

I don’t know how I feel about it.. I initially wanted to take a solo trip. Canceled it because I had people telling me I was not being smart about it, and why would I spend my 30th alone. ( I always look at reviews and do plenty of research when I take trips) I wanted to make a small party at a venue (50ppl) and invite family and friends. But I’m feeling like I’m to old to be having birthday parties. I couldn’t do anything last year when I graduated as a PTA, no ceremony or anything, and couldn’t celebrate my birthday either all because of covid. Is it normal to feel sad to be 30? I cried On my way home from work… IdK if I feel like this because I’m getting older.. didn’t qualify to buy a house this year, I have no kids, (don’t know if I want any) I’m not in a relationship.. and I just feel sad..