Until we can be real parents we’ll be hamster parents!

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Totally unrelated to conceiving or trying to but we’re getting a hamster!

We cared for a orphaned hedgehog baby who’s now in a sanctuary since he was severely underweight and hedgehogs are endangered animals in France..

Here’s the baby hedgehog!

But anyways.. we loved caring for such a small little animal so much that we decided to become hamster parents before we hopefully soon become actual parents!

Little girl is going to be so freaking spoiled since we’ve done so much researches and didn’t want to put her in such a small pet store cage most people put them in since it’s actually animal abuse.. hamsters need so so much space. So we got her a 68 gallon tank! Lots of hides and lots of wooden chew toys as well as the best high quality food we could find with a high variety of seeds, grains, insects, flowers, veggies etc. Even rose petals and silk worms 😂 spoiled little queen!

We really hope to be the best hamster parents until we can be real parents ❤️

Picture below is our adorable little girl Lily