Do I have a right to have my feelings hurt?

Kristen • Momma to my sweet baby boys Tommy Alan 07/01/18 Henry Garnet 10/04/20

This is kinda dumb but my feelings are hurt. Im a christian and I love Jesus so so much. I try to live everyday the way He would so I don't judge others. My sister in law is married to a woman, I love her so much and I attended her wedding and I love her wife. I've never treated them any differently because I don't believe in judging others. She knows how much my relationship with Jesus means to me. I accidentally came across a text message between my husband (her brother) and herself where she asked what I wanted for Christmas. My hubby told her "Idk bible stuff lol" because he knows how I am always looking to dig deeper into my Bible. Her response, im not going to lie, kind of hurt me. She said "Umm thats a HARD no. Anything else?" Guys my stomach dropped. It just makes me feel so judged and makes me feel as if they are judging me because I love Jesus. I have always been so supportive of my sister in law and her lifestyle so I don't understand why she can't be supportive of my relationship with Jesus. It just hurts really bad. Am I wrong to feel this way?