That was weird 🤔


So the guy I’m dating inviting me to spend the night a few weeks ago. I went over and things were awkward at first cause his house was a bit messy, so a few hours after settling in he starts to come on to me (rubbing my back, hugging me from behind) so then we started making out and the first two times nothing happened so the third times he starts again I’m already hot and ready lol so he decides to throw me on him & when I start going in & tell him to get undressed he fake yawns & says “I don’t know why I’m tired all of a sudden “ & stares at me for 10 seconds . Have this ever happened to anyone else? Idk if he came on himself & was trying to play it off or if he was trying to cover something up 🤔 It’s really weird cause he hasn’t had sex in 9 months & always talks about being intimate with me but he had the opportunity & failed.