Polyps in each Fallopian Tube

Kara • [👫💒 06.10.2017][TTC #1 for 5 years][ 1st IVF cycle May/June 2018 ][ 🤰🏼with our first! ]
Okay so here's some background info. We have been trying to concieve for almost a year and a half now so we went to see a fertility specialist, because we are both young ( he's 30, I'm 23) and healthy.  I had a couple of tests done including a transvaginal and pelvic ultrasound ( which found a cyst on one ovary aprox 2cm) , blood tests, and most recently a HSG dye test that found a large polyp in each Fallopian tube that seems to be obstructing the tube almost completely and it also concluded I may have a tilted uterus. My dr WANs the polyps removed.  
​My question is has any one gone through this situation and what was the outcome? I have already been started on femara for cycle days 3-7 and was supposed to start an IUI cycle but now we will have to wait till this problem is cleared up, so this is just really disappointing that we have to wait, but also comforting because maybe once this is cleared up we won't have as much trouble.