Need Opinions && Advice !

Lynda • Proud Mommy Of 2 ❤
So my boyfriend and I have been together for 2 and a half years. I'm 20 and he's 21. My son is not his biologically but he's been in my sons life since we met when my son was 1. My bf's mom doesn't approve of this, my son calls him "daddy" and she would randomly yell out "He's not your daddy stop calling him that!" I'm not rude so I would just ignore it but my boyfriend would argue with her telling her to stop etc. anyway for the past 3 months we've only seen each other once ? because his mother really has something against me, for what reason idk ! I've never disrespected her nor her house. Always buy food , treat everyone out to movies , clean etc when I'm around so I'm not sure where the animosity is coming from ! She feels like I'm using her son and forcing him to be in my sons life but I've NEVER asked him to do anything for my son , anything he has done, bought wa because he wanted to ! He broke up with me because his mom won't allow me to come over anymore. He doesn't come to my house because it's far and his mother will leave him stranded and put him out if he came to my house smh. I'm in school and he's working so it's like when we do have time we can't see each other because we always have to go out or pay for a hotel to spend time with each other and we don't haveoney like that to be with each other every day or every weekend. Neither of us drive and we're an hour and a half away from each other ? what do I do , you can tell that he really didn't wanna break up. He said he doesn't want us to stop communicating or seeing each other but he just feels like he can't make me happy anymore and that's not it at all. ? we love each other so much.... We want this to work, we just don't know what else to do.