What was your birth experience?

⭐️MerFerret⭐️ • Married 2015 • 👼🏼👼🏼👼🏼 • New 🐶 mama • Lupus & Fibro
I've always been afraid of the pain of birth, but I am 100% against an epidural for myself (not that it's bad for other people, I just already have back problems and am terrified of anything involving my spine). What are your stories with whatever birth you chose? Whether that be cesarean, epidural, other pain meds, or natural. I feel the more stories I hear, the less I'll be afraid. My mother had terrible stories, but she also had/has a lot of health problems that probably contributed to her problems (plus a narrow hip problem/obstruction) and even had a broken pelvis at one point. So she had cesareans for my sister and I.
What were your births like?