Bfp finally!

So I got my bfp yesterday finally on cycle 5. This will be baby #4 for me and the last. The things I did differently this month is I started taking geritol and I used preseed. I started getting dizzy spells and diareah at 3-4 dpo. Kinda felt like I had the stomach flu. Then days 5-7 I had an abundance amount of white creamy discharge. Also had gas , dizzy spells, and cramping. The diareah was still there also. Then days 7-10 I was very emotional, dizzy, extreme fatigue, and very grouchy. I've been on a emotional roller coaster. The main things I notice though were the discharge, diareah, cramping, dizzy spells, and cramping. I have NOT had tender breast so far. They get a bit tingle every now and then that's it! I've never gotten sore breast in any of my previous pregnancy either. I hope this helps you ladies. Good luck and baby dust to everyone!