Scared and Looking for Support

I've been feeling awesome my whole pregnancy so far, and today I started feeling like I had a bladder infection (urgent and frequent need to pee, pressure, etc). Just before I was heading to the clinic for antibiotics I went pee again and when I wiped I saw blood. And not the pinkish colour your urine turns when you have a UTI, but actual red blood. 
The Dr at the clinic said he couldn't find a UTI in my urine sample, and said he wanted to make sure baby was on and sent in a referral for an Ultrasound. 
I keep telling myself that if he was really worried he would've sent me to the hospital for an emergency ultrasound, but it's really not reassuring at all! 
Has anyone out there experienced bleeding that didn't result in miscarriage? I'm terrified and don't know how I'm supposed to wait to see if my baby is ok! :(