My man doesn't like giving oral sex😡😡

Well I love it. I like it before sex. I'm used to foreplay. He doesn't like doing it. I swear I feel like Celie in color purple talking bout "Mista gets on top and does his business". It's so boring sometimes because I'm stimulated clitorally (is that a word? Lol). At this point even kissing on me or playing with my breasts would suffice but he doesn't do that either (every blue moon). I've addressed it time and time again to no avail. I come off very dry but I'm not dry I'm just not stimulated and I got to thinking, maybe that's why I'm not getting pregnant?  I'm a squirter but I don't get to squirt but once every couple years if he makes me so it but if I masterbate I can do every time so the liquid is there lol, but he doesn't make it come out. Maybe I should get a vibrator or something. Not really concerned about his feelings at this point.....what y'all think?