Hope for the hopeless❤

❤ Ashley ❤

I know so many women struggle with pregnancy. I'm almost 38. I've had 8 miscarriages and no live births. My husband and I

have been together almost 19 years and we've tried for years for a successful pregnancy with one devastating outcome after another. Then I stopped getting pregnant all together. We tried and tried but nothing for years! I gave up. I started focusing on my grand kids (hubby has 3 kids from previous relationships who I helped raise. They now have kids), and my nieces and nephews. But I would cry daily for the loss and want of my own, but was coming to terms with the fact that I will not be a Mommy at thus time. Recently, I went to the ER for a different issue. The nurse pops in and says "hey hun, we can't treat you, did you know your pregnant?" Heck no I didn't! Turns out, after all these years, I'm finally pregnant again and so far my little rainbow looks perfect! Strong heartbeat, firmly planted, and everything seems to be progressing and forming properly. I'm so excited, but very cautious about my excitement. I just wanted to share and say to those who struggle or have suffered losses, hang in there. As hard as it is, try not to let it consume you. If you believe in God pray. Find other joys to get you through until its your turn (family, hobbies), get support! Just know that sometimes when you just let it be, miracles can happen! The pic is taken at 8w2d. I'm 9w5d today. Best wishes and prayers to all us ladies! ❤