Spotting at 11 weeks??

Hi guys this is my second pregnancy followed by a Loss back in May. My baby was 8 months just a background with my question. 
So I am 11 weeks pregnant and 3 times I had to do a walk in with my clinic because I would spot. Now with my first pregnancy I only spotted one time. Yesterday when I hit my 11 weeks I noticed brown blood when I wiped. So I ran to the clinic saw my baby heartbeat. My doctor said maybe do a urine test and I said I'll wait till tomorrow cause I'll have my official doctors appointment. So I'll do a test tomorrow. Now ladies with your second pregnancy have you spotted a bit more? I feel like everything is different with this pregnancy. My eating habits are off my baby girl ate so much this pregnancy I don't have much appetite for food. I'll eat and after I eat I think food is gross. Off topic but is your second or third pregnancy different from your first?? Thank you ladies for your answers in advance.