September baby check in!


I love seeing all the September baby updates! I would love to know everyone’s baby’s accomplishments and achievements! This is in no way a baby race, I just want to see how everyone’s babes are doing, and I would like to know how all the parents are doing as well!

I would also like to hear the goofy nicknames everyone has for their kids too as well as your babies favorite activities

This is Carly

Aka: Carly Booshki

Car Car



Born September 15th

Carly can say “mama” and “dada”

She tries to crawl, but would rather try to pull herself up on furniture.

We do baby led weaning (BLW) so she’s my little weenie.

Favorite activity: eating and going for walks, she likes doing things with her big sister, and she loves to steal her big sisters food.