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Sammy💗 • Married to my best friend! 2 boys here with us and a little girl in heaven. Baby Boy # 3 Arriving in April 💙💙
This is baby #4 for me and hubby and this time were delivering at home which is an hour and a half a way from his family and my mom is close by. This is a new hospital so I'm not too sure of the delivery room rules just yet but it seems it's a competition with the moms as to who's going to be in the room. My mom says she's my mom so she comes first, mind you, my mom has never been supportive, she hasn't mentioned anything about this baby to anyone and doesn't seem excited at all! My mother in law is very excited but VERY annoying in the delivery room!!! Lol I'm currently not talking to my sister because I found texts from her to my husband talking to him like he was some random guy she wanted to get with, I've been with my husband for 12 years, he basically watched her grow up and she had the nerve to talk to him that way and do whatever she could to get his attention!! so I told her things will never be the same and when she's around it's instant stress on me. I asked my husband what he thinks people would do if we did not mention when I go in to labor and make the announcement after he's here and we've had our bonding time or even once we get home from the hospital! He thinks it's a great idea. It was just us when he was made so it can be just us when he comes into the world! Do you think this is a good idea considering the family stress or do you think I'll regret it?? 

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