Am I in the wrong? (Quite long I'm sorry)

Okay so a few months ago, me and my boyfriend had some problems because he was planning on meeting up with other girls and stuff, so we broke up (other things were considered in this decision, not just the thing previously mentioned), but at the beginning of November, I took him back because it felt like the right thing to do, and because I still really loved him. We decided not to tell my small group of friends because he and some of them have a mutual hate for each other (very long story), but yesterday one of my friends found out about us and told everyone else. And now all of my friends feel like I've 'snakes them' and said that they're really disappointed in me. 
I only kept it from them because I wanted to make sure that things that happened previously didn't happen again before bringing everyone else info the equation. It felt like it was the best thing for our relationship but now I feel like my friends hate me.