so tired of unsupportive people

honestly of all people I expected my mom to be the most supportive for me throughout this pregnancy, but all she's yet to do is put me down and tell me what I'm not doing good enough and "what makes me think I'm ready or going to be a good mom" and how this baby is going to make it so I can't live my life since I'm only 22. I know I'm young and this wasn't exactly planned but we weren't preventing it either. I love my boyfriend and we know we want to spend our lives together. we're ready for a family and we will do WHATEVER it takes to always be able to provide a happy stable environment for our baby and to give it whatever it needs. I've loved this baby from the minute I found out I was pregnant and no maybe I wasn't exactly ready. but is anyone really ever ready? I will so my damn best to be the most amazing mother to this baby and no one will tell me that I won't be a good mother because I'm only 22.... honestly excuse my language but fuck that! I will prove them all wrong.