37 weeks and barely sleeping

I feel like ever since I entered my 3rd trimester I have barely been sleeping. It's either due to the fact that now I have become a heavy snorer and sometimes that wakes me up, or I breath through my mouth so my mouth becomes very dry and that wakes me up, or I have to use the rest room, or I can't get comfortable or I'm just tossing and turning. I may sleep about an hour at a time before something wakes me up. Some days I'm so exhausted and some days I'm not. I just wish I could get a good nights sleep before the baby comes. 
I guess on the bright side, at least I'm on winter break now (I'm a teacher) so I don't have to wake up to an alarm and even if I'm not sleeping at night I can take a nap during the day. 
Part of me feels like the reason I may not be sleeping is because I am getting so anxious to meet my little man. I just wish he was here already!!