Open house/Baby-Q

Wanted to get some feedback from you ladies. I have 3 friends and my MIL who are throwing me a shower on January 24th. (I'm due March 1st) I run a non-profit and work 2 jobs and because of that know about 100 people that I wanted to invite to showers. For the January 24th shower, I was told I need to cut it down to around 45 people (based on financial capabilities and space) and that it can only be women (which irks me a bit too). No one else has offered to do a shower so I had the idea of having a co-Ed Baby-Q Open House on January 31st. That way I can invite the others that had to be cut from the shower but not throw my own shower. They are welcome to come to our home between a 3 hour spans and just hang out, see the nursery, play a few games (like cornhole), and I thought put out the craft where each guest can decorate a page for an alphabet book. DH will grill and I will set it up buffet style. My mom passed away 2 years ago otherwise I know she'd be throwing a separate shower for us.  Is this in poor taste? I know we will get everything we need for baby but don't want people we care about to feel left out.