To the man who loves my son like he’s his own..

My son has never known his own father (left us while I was pregnant).

When i met you, I was so hesitant. Took it super slow. You understood and were so patient.

Everytime we went out somewhere, you’d mention how one day you’d love to bring us (my son and I) here. How fun it would be.

Time went on and you finally met my son. You both fell in love.

The cutest part? Your friends, family, and especially your mom treat him like their own.

Your mom.. god I love her. She treats my son like that’s her real grandson. Countless unconditional love and as far as my son’s concerned, thats his other grandma.

Your friends throw him the best birthday parties and he has 10 uncles now, who also treat him like thats YOUR real son. Your sisters love on him better than a biological aunt.

And you… you love him to another degree.

Thank you. For loving him and for your loved ones loving my son like real blood.❤️