Do you have a dramatic/problematic family member?

I have a few female cousins that are very dramatic & I happen to be very close with the worst one:( I’m a single mom of 2 so I don’t have any friends I consider her my best friend but Sometimes I feel like cutting her off completely I love her very much but she carry’s a lot of problems & most of those problems are caused by her.. we recently got into an argument I wanna say this was the worst one I actually told her that I was tired of her sh*t & it just went black after that I called her the next morning & she demanded an apology she said I either apologize or cut her off completely.. I didn’t apologize for anything because I honestly don’t feel like I said or did anything wrong.. any advice on what to do?:( she’s damn near 30 years old & I just want her to change

Id like to also add that we went out to drink that night I don’t get drunk I never reach that point I’m not the type that gets aggressive when intoxicated if anything I’ll just knock out! But for some reason she tends to always get mad when she’s intoxicated

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