Share your protocol

S • 28💍 male infertility 1 round of IVF 6/22 💉🫧 14 5AA embryos ❄️ 1st FET 8/26/22 🤰🏽 Due 5/14/23

What does everyone’s protocol look like?

Mine is:

CD 1: 6 days of birth control

CD 10: start gonal f

CD 14: start ganirelix

Trigger day: Ovidrel trigger

This is <a href="">IVF</a> round 1, ICSI for fertilization, no PGT, fresh transfer God willing, freeze any remaining embryos

Update: We had to use a Lupron trigger and switch to a freeze all cycle. More follicles than we anticipated responded and my estrogen has risen to 6600 on day 10 of stims

Update 2: We retrieved 25 egg, 21 mature, 18 fertilized, 14 made it to blastocyst, all are 5AA. FET planned for August