Staring at a stranger and love it

So for the longest time I've struggled with self image issues, I've gained sooo much weight since having 2 kids and being a sahm, struggled with mental health adjusting to mom life too.

I've recently been dropping weight, I'm actually excited! It's been a long time coming.

So there I was on the train after a long day of appointments for my baby, daydreaming and staring point blank at the tinted glass seperating the seating to the doors, and I realise, my face is different, I hate reflections, they show all the unfavourable shadows cast on my face due to the fatty areas, it's not like when looking into a mirror you chose to place in your house where you look the "best" or under florescent lights in public bathrooms, reflections are the worst. This time it's like I'm a stranger to myself, my skin is smoothed out, there's no shadows, it looks toned (?), my cheek bones look good, my double chin is hardly there, I got home and ran to the mirror and observed, I LOVE IT!!!

I can't wait to feel this way about my body, 13lbs down in 2 months, 44lbs to go to my goal 💪🏻