Trust ultrasound or blood test?


I'm currently 14 weeks, and my last ultrasound and bloodwork was at 12 weeks.

Baby looked SO healthy and measured ahead by almost a week. Both the tech and my midwife said there were no concerns on the ultrasound and everything looked perfect.

But I had blood work done and it showed baby was at a slightly high risk for spina bifida. The level for AFP blood should be around 1ish but mine was above 2.

To be honest, I'm not entirely worried and I think baby is perfectly healthy, especially because they would've seen it on the ultrasound. I've heard those types of issues you'd see quite easily on an ultrasound vs blood work.

I've also heard these blood tests can be super fautly and most of the time incorrect.

Has anyone dealt with a similar situation? Would you trust the ultrasound vs bloodwork?

My next ultrasound is at my anatomy scan on Aug 4th so quite far from now. I'm not worried but I am at the same time if that makes sense.