Trigger warning! Also maybe TMI but I need some advice please.


I’m currently 12w5d pregnant and I’ve been puking constantly (usually able to keep food down though), but I think I’ve gotten very dehydrated especially the last few days bc it doesn’t seem like I can get enough water in me. Anyways I just used the bathroom and I have a slight pinkish brownish show in my discharge and I’m not sure if I should be concerned since I’ve had two previous miscarriages (neither made it past 6w). I also had placenta priva (however it’s spelled) with my first child and that caused major bleeding at 16w but it was due to having sex just minutes before. My boyfriend works on an oil rig and hasn’t been home 7days so it’s not from sex. I honestly don’t know what to do I already have two kids and none of my family around to help off I need a babysitter and their dads side of the family I trust either works on the river or drive an 18wheeler. I’m not cramping or anything so I’m not sure what’s going on. Also I don’t know if I can go to my doctor bc I own them money from last time I went and I’m not sure they will see me before I pay bc they almost didn’t the first time.