Chemical pregnancy

I was so excited after getting the BFP. I took it 3 days after getting my missed period. I took 2 that day just to make sure. My husband wanted me to take another before we told my parents so I took one the next day. Positive as well. The box came with 2 so just to be sure I took another one a week later. Still positive. At what I thought was 7 weeks now, I went in for blood work because I had spotting. They called me back and said I had high hcg levels but low progesterone levels and that it was a chemical pregnancy. So for 3 weeks now I've thought I was pregnant, with all the symptoms: nausea, fatigue, extremely tender breasts, and the worst acne I've ever had. And now I find out I was never really pregnant. Has this happened to anyone? Everywhere I've read online says women find out it was a chemical pregnancy a few days, maybe a week later. Not 3 weeks later! I'm so disappointed!