What's it mean when the doctor wants to see you sooner than originally expected?


I've been having health issues all centering around a pain in my belly. I've had it since February and ive been knocking tests out of the park. Urine, blood, feces (gross i know) are all coming back normal (or negative). It's not just in one spot. The pain is all around in my body from the very low pelvis where my uterus is, to tucked up under my ribcage on both sides. It varies in intensity, place of origin, sharpness. I have other symptoms as well but the point is my regular care doctor gave me a referral to an internist and the internist sent me a letter saying after they recieve the lastest test results its common to wait up to 3 months to see the doctor. Alright. I'll set up shop to wait. One week passes by and i get a letter saying i have an appointment for the next week. The wait time was cut drastically. Has this happened with anyone? Does this mean im going to get bad news?