Miracles are real


My dumbass got my tubes tied after my first baby. 5 years ago I re married now we wanted more kids. 4 years ago we have always tried several ways just to have a baby. I have 2 failed <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">ivf</a> embryo transfers this year. I never thought I would ever get pregnant again. I missed the feeling and missed having a baby. I’ve done couple diagnostics including water test but it was normal. I was thinking maybe I’m just getting old coz now I’m already 40. I told myself maybe it’s not fir me anymore. This last embryos we got that was implanted last week of last month finally made a miracle. I did a home test 8 days dpt and it gave me a faded result so I thought it maybe a false positive but then I took another one the next day and the beautiful lines are more obvious. Also I got a confirmation from my doctor about my blood test results this morning that I’m positive. I can’t believe I’m pregnant again. I’m so beyond thankful right now. I do believe that miracles do happen so mommies out there who wanted to get pregnant pls don’t give up. Miracles can happen. Godbless to all. Sorry for this long post but thank you for taking time reading it. I hoped I have inspired and encouraged mommies or mommies to be out there.