boyfriend stole from piggy bank


background : he’s not broke and it’s our son

I decided to save my all of my tips for our son. I had around $60 in there! We have to use complex public washer and dryers that requires cash to put on our cards. One day he asked to have some of it when i first put tips in it for laundry so he didn’t have to run to the store for cash back and after an initial angry reaction I said whatever and let him do it. He returned the money the next day.

I check today to put all of my tips in ( I leave my tips at work to stack then bring them home) and there is 3 dollars in it. He has used it all on laundry! He’s rebuttals was conveniency and “what is he going to need it tomorrow for?” “ I’ll put more in there” and that it was only like $20. Y’all I brought him $28 from one morning shift it was not $20…and im childish for being upset for it.