Mutual break up


My boyfriend and I of a year and a half just broke up today. It was mutual and very mature for us. He is 22 I’m 23, and we had a house together (in his name but we bought it together). We can both be immature, and not be able to express our emotions and feelings very well. I was angry and irritable, thanks dad, and he was always very anxious, and I didn’t know how to be with someone with high anxiety, it was all very new for me. Well I just had to move out. Anyways tldr

We broke up because we treated each other poorly sometimes and we agreed that neither of us deserve it. We had a normal conversation with no yelling or anything. Lots of crying. We both love each other very much, but we’re hurting each other because we can’t control our emotions well. He says he wants to try again later on, and I would like that also. This is my first night alone in over a year and I don’t know how well I’m handling it. My life is in this town we got the house in. I’m an hour away from “home” I really have nowhere to go